Green Light

Green Light

✓ Fourteen Automotive System Videos
✓ One Sales and Presentation Video
Downloadable Workbooks for every Video
Average Video is 28 minutes
✓ Private Coaching Available
✓ Hosted by a Professional LMS Provider


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Who Should Complete the Green Light Program?

Anyone who wants to begin a career in Automotive Service
Anyone who is onboarding into the career
Anyone who wants to sharpen their knowledge of complete system diagnosis
Anyone who wants to hone communication skills with both the customer and their technicians

Step-by-Step Description
Green Light presents fourteen different vehicle systems
1.Identify the entire system and highlight the major components
2.Define the function of each individual component within the system
3.Dental causes for wear and failure for each component
4.Identify words or phrases the customer may use when explaining symptoms
5.Provide insight to improve communication with the technician
6.Summarize how the components work together within the system
7.Provide Statements of Benefit for use when recommending a repair or service
The format and delivery is perfect for everyone. Green Light employs a dynamic hybrid of Active Slide Deck and Full Motion Animation to capture visual attention. Narration is grounded with a music playlist designed to maintain a progressive feel to the learning process. Information is delivered in a story-like format that is easy to understand. The learning experience is timeless because every video has an accompanying downloadable workbook. The dual-purpose workbook will be used to follow-along with the video and for future reference.
Below is our recommended viewing order. But you can customize your own viewing order.

1. Brake System – 44 Minutes

2. Engine Management – 23 Minutes

3. Steering System – 37 Minutes

4. Suspension System – 23 Minutes

5. Fuel System – 23 Minutes

6. Cooling System – 37 Minutes

7. Air Conditioning – 25 Minutes

8. Ignition System – 27 Minutes

9. Electrical – 20 Minutes

10. Tires – 17 Minutes

11. Drive Line – 25 Minutes

12. Exhaust System – 23 Minutes

13. Engine – 40 Minutes

14. Transmission – 32 Minutes

Green Light Program

Downloadable Workbooks

Active Slide Deck

The Complete Green Light Program is one payment of $390.00

[Program subscription is valid for 183 days]

Green Light with a Private Coach is one payment of $1275.00

One-on-One coaching for 7 weeks
Two lessons per week plus the final sales video
Weekly video meeting with role play
Goal setting and accountability
Enrollment for One-on-One coaching is limited

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