Spirit One Business Performance

Partnering with a business coach is a personal decision. We are here when you are ready.

You are a progressive business owner who understands the demands of today’s challenging market. Every great athlete, performer, and business tycoon use a business coach, but they don’t use the same coach. Partnering with a business coach is a personal decision. It is not a commodity to be offered and purchased. That is why we invest in a custom approach for all clients. When working with Spirit One Business Performance you will discover a business partner that is working for your success. Because of our customized approach we do limit ourselves to eight clients per year. We hope you are ready to become one of them.

It All Starts with a Phone Call

We will introduce ourselves with a phone call. Our phone call will provide opportunity for you to determine if this will be a great partnership.

The Handshake

I will visit your location for one and a half business days. This will be a time of observation and feedback. There is no charge for this visit nor is there obligation to become a client. We believe investing in you first because your goals are always first with Spirit One.

What to Expect

Quarterly one-day visits to your business

The Introduction visit will serve as one of the annual visits

During the visit I will work with your team, conduct a Lunch and Learn and work with you on defined projects

Weekly One-on-One Video Meetings

✓ Goal setting and accountability

✓ KPI review and action planning

✓ Workflow analysis and LEAN objectives

✓ Team development and discovering strengths

Grass Roots initiatives to build our customer list

Spirit One Weekly Objectives

✓ Listen to phone calls and provide ideas for improvement

✓ Repair Order review

➢ You will provide the RO’s, we will not ask for access to your point of sale system

Team Building and Hiring

We will conduct phone interviews and provide written analysis

➢ Phone interviews are restricted to the final two candidates

✓ DISC testing and results analysis

There is an additional fee for DISC testing

We Are Always Here for You

✓ Unlimited contact and conversation for brainstorming and consultation

Unlimited contact from your team for role play or recommendation preparation

Conversation with your team members are solely intended to help prepare for a recommendation

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