Workshops and Seminars

David Eschbach is honored to boast a tenure of hosting workshops and seminars for thousands of Shop Owners, Service Mangers, Advisors and Writers.

In the Spirit of being One, customized workshops and seminars are available. Your needs are unique. Our extensive catalog of result proven Workshops and Seminars are designed to be mixed and matched producing direct impact for your development needs.

Workshop or Seminar

Workshops are designed to deliver information while promoting attendee participation through role-play and group discussion. Workshops are often three or more hours in length and may include a structured follow- up program. Optimal times for Workshops are weekends or during the work day. We do request a minimum of ten attendees to conduct a workshop.

Seminars are great for evening association meetings or breakfast and lunch gatherings. Seminars are a key-speaker format. However, workbooks and follow-up programs are available. Seminars can vary in time from thirty minutes to two hours in length.

No Need to Wait

No need to wait for your town to appear on the schedule. Many owners reach out to fellow shops in their area. It’s easy to gather ten or more dedicated professionals. Workshops can be produced within 20 days of your request. Your objectives and goals will determine the production time.

Spirit One Educational Services schedule everything required for hosting a successful workshop. Cost of venue, travel, lodging and workshop materials will determine final pricing.

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